Jüdisch für Anfänger
Germany 2014

director: Stefanie Gromes
category: documentary
genre: Documentary
Roman, 21, from Jena isn´t able to decide: is he German, Russian or Jewish? Three family backgrounds – three options. Roman is reflecting on his identity.
Yaniv, 26, is an orthodox Jew from Munich. He doesn´t dare to wear a kippa in public. He couldn´t tell where his home is.
Alexandra, 26, doesn´t care where someone comes from. She mistrusts subgroups and boundaries. Human is human.
As different as the three of them are, they have three things in common: They live in Germany, have a Jewish background and they receive a present, that has been accepted by 340.00 young Jews worldwide so far: A „Birthright“-Trip to Israel. The Organisation „Birthright - Israel“ wants to give every Jew the possibility to visit Israel once in his lifetime to get to know his spiritual homeland. The trip is for free, paid for by the Israeli government, Jewish communities and humanitarians. The purpose is to create a positive and emotional bond to Israel and the Jewish people. Or even the immigration to Israel.
How does this trip change young people that reflect on their own identity?
This is the first time a German film team was allowed to join a Birthright – Israel trip. „Jewish for Beginners“ is a controversial documentary about Jewish implicitness and it´s impact on young meaning seeking people.
DOKfest München 2014
director of photography: Sebastian Bäumler
cutter: Ulrike Tortora
soundtrack composer: Gert Wilden
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