Für die Dauer einer Reise
Germany 2011

director: Frauke Ihnen
category: documentary
playing time: 01:18:00
Four singles in their Seventies cruise around the world aboard the MS Albatros. They share a table in the ship´s restaurant. Five months they spent upon the sea, in which they get to know each other and share their expectations and dreams. The movie shows, that the desire for love and partnership is still lasting on.
DOKfest München 2011
script author: Frauke Ihnen
producer: Frauke Ihnen, Mario Beilhack
director of photography: Thomas Beckmann
cutter: Rainer Schmidt
sound recording: Frauke Ihnen
sound mixing: Matthias Borst
studio: Ihnen & Beilhack Filmproduktion
film/video-format: HDCAM SR
sound-format: Stereo
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